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Video Transcript

Pronunciation is vitally important and in general, not enough attention is paid to it in schools and on language courses. So it can sometimes happen that people develop bad pronunciation habits that are simply never corrected. Someone’s grammar, vocabulary and written language skills can all be excellent, but if their pronunciation is very weak, then that’s a major language barrier, which means it is impossible for them to function successfully at the level they should.

At ‘Lancaster Languages’ though, we can help to resolve those long-standing pronunciation problems. We’ve developed a specialist programme which diagnoses pronunciation problems, and treats each one in stages, using knowledge of speech production (phonetics) alongside graded listening and speaking exercises. The exercises for each client are recorded on mp3 files and where possible will include words and phrases in contexts that are highly relevant to the individual; that’s to say, they will be based on language that the client will need to use in their particular circumstances. It’s still hard work but we do achieve good results. Indeed we’ve had great success with the pronunciation modules and we are constantly developing and improving them further. If you look on the website you can see testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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