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Video Transcript

I set up Lancaster Languages in 2008 after having taught English and other languages in schools, colleges and universities for over 15 years. I have also lived and worked in several different countries for various periods of time and so have some understanding of the kinds of difficulties that people face when they have to work in another language and culture.

I am passionate about languages and about helping people develop their language skills. Speaking another language is so very exciting because it opens up so many possibilities. You can communicate with millions more people, and you can start to understand different cultures and ways of thinking.

It can be difficult, it can be frustrating, but it is also extremely rewarding, when you realise that you can make the language work for you, to make new contacts and develop valuable relationships.

This is what language learning and cross-cultural communication is all about.

Our goal at Lancaster Languages is to equip people with the linguistic tools and cultural knowledge they need for their particular job or situation.

And finally, we always insist that all our clients have a lot of fun, as well!